Harness the power of Virtualisation

Businesses everywhere are being asked to do more for less, and the name of the game today is resource utilization. Virtualization technologies offer a direct and readily quantifiable means of achieving these goals. One Click Services understands that the key to a virtualization solution is effective management. By helping our clients design their virtualization solution and installing what is needed, One Click Services is set-up as the perfect ongoing manager with the experience and expertise needed to ensure stability.

Virtualization demonstrates tangible benefits, broadening its value to a company at each step of the process. Server consolidation tends to be the first step taken. Industry analysts report that between 60 percent and 80 percent of IT departments choose to focus on server consolidation projects. By reducing the numbers and types of servers that support their business applications, companies save money and reduce their energy footprint. Less power consumption brought on by the fuller use of underutilized computing resources translates into higher profitability and productivity. After the first step of server consolidation, other virtualization-enabled features and capabilities worth considering: high availability, disaster recovery and workload balancing.