Infosec Security and Forensics

We understand that at one time during a company's growth curve, they will require to outsource some of their functions to experts so as to achieve growth and efficiency. During such times we come in to ensure smooth transitions and reduce operating costs for many companies.

It is our aim to help our customers make the best decisions at all times. At One Click, we do this by analysing your requirements as given to us and understanding what you intend to achieve. Only then do we embark on providing you with a design and a solution.

Some of the projects we undertake include:

We have expertise in:-

  • Sale and configuration of Network Firewalls. Authorised partners to Fortinet, Sophos and Palo Alto
  • Logs and Policies analysis
  • Security policies formulation
  • Vulnerability and Penetration testing
  • Attack Simulation
  • Physical Security:- CCTV, Access Control
  • Disaster recovery and Management
  • Security auditing and consulting
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Offensive & Defensive Security
  • C.E.R.T
  • Training
If you woke up one morning and all your servers were encrypted, what course of action would you take? Would time freeze right before your eyes?

Would you rush to the backups?

Would you find yourself explaining to the board how all their sensitive files and password leaked to the world?

What about your competitors? Would they have a field day reading through all your secrets and plans?

What are you waiting for?

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