Bancassurance Software

The most comprehensive and complete Bancassurance software.

Property Management

The single most comprehensive property and rent management system this sides of the Sahara..


CCTV installation, motion detection and motion sensitive lighting, heat sensors, electrical fencing etc.

Connectivity Solutions

Be they VPNs, Wifi, wide area networks, be at home and at peace with the experts.

Bancassurance and Brokerage Software

One Click Services Limited has developed the most revolutionary and comprehensive Brokerage software into the Kenya market and Africa in General. The system comprises of the below main modules:
  1. General Underwriting Modules
  2. Medical Underwritting Modules
  3. Claims System (Medical and General)
  4. Finance Management System
  5. Notification to client, underwritter and Broker: EMail, SMS and Whatsapp
  6. Document Management
  7. Various integrations with existing systems, ERPs and Banking
  8. Multicurrency Support
  9. Policy Management and renewals
  10. Numerous customizable Reports on each of the above.

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