Reach for the Clouds

One Click has partnered with Pamoja, a Cloud service wholesaler to improve access to Cloud services and address the issues surrounding the location of confidential and sensitive data as well as service latency, associated with international Cloud services.

We have expertise in:-

  • Cloud Backup and Storage
  • Hosted Email
  • Hosted Sharepoint
  • Hosted Lync (For Converged Communications)
  • Symantec Cloud Security
  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
  • SaaS - Software as a Service
  • PaaS - Platform as a Service
  • Hosted Microsoft Dynamic CRM
  • BlueWave CRM

Cloud Computing has many benefits to an organization.

  • IT spending moves from a capital expenditure(CAPEX) to and operational expenditure(OPEX)
  • Companies no longer have to maintain software and servers on their premises.
  • There is no need to employ highly technical personnel to maintain the IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud ensures that users have access to the latest software versions.
  • A growing company can just buy additional services as and when required.
  • Cloud computing also allows SMEs to use high quality software which they may not afford had they chosen to buy the software themselves.
  • A business can be up and running in the shortest possible time.
  • Frees up IT staff to work on operational efficiency
  • Organizations are saved the hustle of upgrading hardware every three to five years
Within our secure data centres , all data is hosted on fully redundant infrastructure. Being a Seacom company ensures access to the services along the East and South Coast of Africa at minimum latency and unlimited bandwidth.